Guidelines corona

Important information

Guidelines for conducting viewings and property rentals during the coronavirus epidemic.

The purpose is to ensure that viewings, the signing of contracts and moving into properties shall take place within the government’s guidelines, and with the smallest possible risk of infection. See our guidelines for viewings, contract signings and handovers.


  1. Please contact us before the viewing to let us know that you are coming. Tell us if you are in a high risk group, are in quarantine, or have symptoms of the virus.
  2. Avoid shaking hands or any other physical contact at the viewing – we can smile and wave instead.
  3. All viewers are encouraged to follow good hygiene practices.
  4. We’ll keep at least 1.5 metres away from each other at the viewing.
  5. Do not attend the viewing if you are in quarantine, have been in an area of high infection, or have symptoms of the coronavirus. Call us in case of uncertainty, so that alternative ways of viewing the property can be considered.
  6. Group viewings with many participants are not being conducted, and have been replaced with individual viewings.
  7. Travel to the viewing in a way that does not expose others to unnecessary risk of infection.


  1. We prefer electronic signing if the parties agree to it.
  2. We are not holding meetings to sign contracts in person. The contracts are sent digitally or in the post for signature.
  3. Contracts with attachments are sent out for review and approval in advance.



  1. If the tenant is in quarantine or showing signs of having the virus at the time of the handover date, they must send an authorised proxy to the handover.
  2. The landlord is responsible for delivering the property in a contractually-suitable condition, i.e. without the risk of infection for the renter. The flat should be vacated and unfurnished for five days, as well as being carefully cleaned before the moving-in date.