During the rental period

During the rental period

What does it mean that the property is rented out “as is”?
This means that the landlord is not responsible for all problems in the property. If the property is rented out “as is”, only certain problems are considered defective and the tenant can complain about. If the accommodation is rented out as is, the property still has a defect if the landlord or any landlord responsible for it has breached the obligations specified in the Tenancy Act § 2-3 on incorrect information about the accommodation or § 2-4 on the lack of information on the accommodation. Furthermore, the property has a defect if it is in significantly worse condition than the tenant had reason to expect, based on the amount of rent and other circumstances.

How do I sort out technical or practical questions, issues, complaints, damages, etc?
Please contact us.

What can the landlord or the tenant do if someone else in the building causes noise, domestic disturbance or behaves in a way as to cause serious damage or nuisance to the landlord, the property or other residents?

We have an agreement with Securitas, and residents in our wholly-owned apartment buildings can call +47 22 88 14 76. Securitas will go to the apartment causing the noise. The tenant who has caused the noise will be invoiced following Spabo Eiendom AS’ and Securitas’ own rates. The tenant can also send an email to the responsible manager and explain the problem. The tenant must state the problem, when it occurred and which residence caused the damage/disturbance.

Where can the landlord and the tenant find the house rules?
You can download the house rules here. The house rules can also be read by the entrance to some buildings.

What does the tenant do if they lose their key?

If the tenant has lost their key, they must email the caretaker of their apartment building. The tenant must provide information on what type of key it is, which lock the key is for, and how they lost the key. Please also provide your building address and apartment number.

The tenant must collect and pay for a new key. If it is urgent and the tenant has lost their key or have been locked out outside of our opening hours, the tenant must contact a locksmith and cover the cost of this.

Any further questions? Contact your property manager.