Moving out


How do I terminate the tenancy agreement?
Persons listed on the contract with Spabo Eiendom AS must send their notice in writing to the responsible manager. If you terminate the tenancy agreement, this applies to the whole apartment.

When is the deposit returned?
The deposit is returned after moving out. We aim to release the deposit within one working week after moving out, but it can take 15–25 days. If there are comments and issues we have to deal with, the disbursement may take up to five weeks. If the landlord and the tenant do not agree on the settlement, the disbursement may take longer, as per the Tenancy Act.

What are the tenant’s obligations when returning the property at the end of the rental period?

See “Moving Out Checklist” .Also see the lease for more information.

Do I have to report that someone is moving out and being replaced in a shared apartment?
If the person listed in the contract is staying in the apartment, Spabo Eiendom AS do not need information on the new tenant moving in, as the person listed on the contract is allowed to sublet parts of the apartment. Refer to the contract if the person moving out is the listed person. Remember that the person listed on the contract is responsible for the entire tenancy agreement and payment of rent.