Rent and collateral


How do you pay the rent?
Rent is to be paid in advance on the first of every month. The payment of rent must come from a single account. Please use the KID number on the invoice for the correct month. The KID number is unique. If the tenant pays with the KID number for rent for e.g. March in January, this payment will be marked against the invoice/rent for March. The tenant will then receive a notice for the unpaid rent for January.

Can you pay the rent at a later date?
No, rent is to be paid in advance, on the first of every month.

What is index regulation?

Index regulation is the adjustment of rent according to the changes in the consumer price index (CPI). Index regulation can be implemented, at the earliest, a year after the last rental price fixing was implemented. The starting point for the regulation is the CPI that was in operation at the start of the contract. The  CPI can be found on Regulation takes place on either 1 January or 1 July. The CPI used is from the last published index, which is October for regulation from 1 January and April for regulation from 1 July.


What is the deposit?
The deposit is a type of collateral for the tenancy and will be security for rent owed, damages to the accommodation, expenses for eviction and other claims related to the lease agreement. Information about the deposit is mentioned in the lease and The Tenancy Act.